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Vitrified beads insulation mortar system


This product is a new type of green inorganic materials, non-toxic harmless, good sound-absorbing, air permeability, high temperature resistance, water resistance, cold resistance, low shrinkage rate, the overall seamless, no thermal bridge, bridge formation and saves the main structure of the plaster mortar, and directly vitrified beads insulation mortar on the wall, greatly save costs and reduce the construction process and the intensity of labor, structural stability, crack resistance, good shock resistance, no cavity structure design, strong ability to resist the negative air pressure.


Vitrified beads insulation mortar has good workability, water retention, adhesion, surface not empty drum; Construction or not, no sag, reduce the loss of the construction can be leveling material, used in polystyrene board (EPS) insulation systems and extruded plate (XPS) insulation system, the material bulk density polystyrene board (EPS) and extruded plate (XPS), thermal insulation material close, deformation coefficients similar, can fundamentally solve the polystyrene board (EPS) insulation systems and extruded plate (XPS) insulation system cracking problem, and than those of the other leveling material price advantage。


With comprehensive bonded at the grass-roots level, form a continuous whole, ensure the safety of thermal insulation layer is firm。 The site are free to shape, especially suitable for the different parts, can be easily used for bleaching Windows, air conditioning board, terrace, parapet and hot (cold) bridge position insulation, greatly improve the heat preservation and heat insulation heat preservation system of whole performance and window parts, fire prevention performance。 Material combustion performance for A grade, resistant to high temperature above 1000 degrees Celsius, is the granary, stair, fire escape fire insulation engineering preferred products。


Wide scope of application, this system can do interior and exterior wall insulation, roof insulation, thermal insulation support layer, floor radiant heating at the same time also can be used mixed with any other thermal insulating materials。 Suitable for multi-storey and high-rise buildings of reinforced concrete, aerated concrete, block, baked brick and the sintered brick and light wall materials such as interior and exterior insulation enclosure wall plastering engineering, as well as the basement, garage, staircases, hallways, fire escape, such as fire prevention insulation engineering, and especially suitable for heat preservation and heat insulation of the old building renovation project。

施工工序 :

Construction process:


Construction tools: 1, forced mixer, carts, plastering barrels, steel spatula, scraping rod wood trowel etc plastering tools and theodolite, alignment tool.


2, the surface treatment: the metope of dust, grease should be removed before construction and segregation of concrete after demoulding agent, insulation construction of the base surface should be clean, solid if metope isolation agent is not easy to remove, need special interface agent base treatment, prevent caused by smooth demoulding bonding is not strong。


3, before construction should be vertical, elastic thickness control line, looking for a good thickness datum, bread stick, screed.


4, ingredients: 1 kg vitrified beads insulation mortar water content about 0.85-1 kg, join the regulation of water, stir add vitrified beads insulation mortar mixing evenly after the paste, can be used, insulation slurry must match box.


5, scraping the vitrified beads insulation mortar, according to the construction of the thickness of layered operation, each time with thickness less than or equal to 2 cm。 The strength should be uniform, the strength should be lighter than when plastering cement mortar, paste evenly dense cover metope, for the first time can be carried out after hardening second pulp, when apply to the specified thickness with poles shave is smooth, wipe with wood float rub it again, make mortar surface leveling &compaction。


6, blow with some special polymer anti-crack mortar cover face, in this process, must wait for vitrified beads insulation mortar solidify rear can be carried out completely. Polymer plaster anti-cracking mortar is a kind of excellent crack resistance and certain special plaster mortar, flexible is specially designed for vitrified beads insulation mortar, improve and comprehensive protection of vitrified beads for the comprehensive performance of insulation mortar, vitrified beads insulation mortar is the necessary supporting materials, is especially important in the whole heat preservation system, scraping thickness is thin, generally not more than 2 mm.


Note: vitrified beads insulation mortar and polymer mortar is a complete insulation system, especially some polymer anti-crack mortar is not using ordinary mortar or cement mortar can add glue to plaster.


Mechanical mixing, to ensure the safety of construction, strictly control the water cement ratio and rendering time. Finished, metope should avoid hard ware collision, maintain indoor ventilated and dry.

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